Saturday, January 26, 2013

grandma's bookshelf - Spot the Animals

As I've mentioned a number of times :-), I love books! When I was young, my mom made sure I received a book for each birthday and Christmas . . . we went to the local library all summer and participated in the Summer reading program . . . so I guess, reading and valuing books is something I grew up with! When my children were young I did the same things with them and they grew up to be people who valued books and reading as well! So now, as a grandma, I continue to give and read books to my grandsons and am so happy they love books! Regardless of who and what they want to be as they grow up, being people who read is something which will benefit them throughout their lives.

So, I say, encourage a love for books and reading from children's youngest age! The book I'm sharing with you today is a great book to do exactly this with it's lift the flaps, animals and colors . . . all things which little ones are sure to enjoy!

Spot the Animals  
Illustrator - Steve Jenkins
Publisher - Sterling Children's Books
Ages 2+

Favorite Features -
  • Teaches animal and color recognition
  • Lift the flaps add surprise and fun!
  • Sturdy board book format allows little ones to touch, enjoy and "read" this book for themselves!
  • Lots of color, great illustrations make it visually engaging
  • Teaches about six animals, their habitat and six colors
This is a great book to enjoy while snuggling a little one! They will love to lift the flaps and as they get older, they will have great fun guessing the animal they'll find under the flaps! As you read this with your grandchildren be sure to talk with them about how God created all these creatures and colors and He created them, too! Enjoy!

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