Thursday, January 17, 2013

grandma's chuckles - "Fortunately, I know what to do!"

Don't you just love it when your young grandchildren say something cute? I love when my grandsons visit for many reasons . . . being able to see the sparkle and twinkle in their eyes when they smile, the hugs and kisses which will be part of their visit and so many other reasons, but one is definitely the anticipation of waiting to hear what cute or funny thing they will say this time! 

Josiah and Caleb were visiting yesterday and Josiah ran up to me and said, "Grandma, there are penguin robots who are going to get you! Don't worry; fabulous, brave Josiah is here and fortunately, I know what to do!" He then began to karate chop and kick the penguin robots and "saved" me! I'm so thankful for fabulous, brave Josiah! Whatever would I do without him? :-)

Grandchildren are such a gift! What do your grandchildren do and say to brighten your days?

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