Wednesday, January 9, 2013

grandma's cookbook - Valentine's Day Delight - Donuts!!!

Chocolate Donuts by Love From The Oven favorite recipe for early 2012
Okay, if the truth be told . . . and I am telling the truth . . . I absolutely, positively LOVE donuts! I could eat them every day, but I don't. In fact, when I'm at the store and see the delightful treats I say, "DONUTS! Donuts, Donuts, Donuts!" and keep walking until they are far behind me! So, when I saw a recipe on Pinterest for Valentine's Day donuts, well, of course I had to share it with you!

These donuts are baked which makes them not so bad! Plus, they have dark cocoa in them, which makes them even more less bad! Hooray! I think making donuts is on my agenda for today or tomorrow!!! :-) And what could be a better Valentine's Day treat than a donut? :-) Just follow this link and you'll find everything you need to know to bake up a batch in your oven! Enjoy . . . and a very happy Valentine's Day to you . . . early, but a happy day nonetheless! :-)

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