Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Reading - How to Make Friends and Monsters - I'm Giving One Away!

I've been sharing great books with you which you could read to and with your grandchildren this summer, but most of them are for younger children. So, I'm very happy to share a book which your older grandchildren (ages 9+) will be able to read, enjoy (I actually laughed out loud at chapter 33 when I read it) and even learn from . . . plus, I'm giving one away!

How to Make Friends and Monsters
Author - Howard Boward with a little help from Ron Bates
Publisher - Zonderkidz
Ages - 9+

Favorite Features -
  • Story shares the trials and challenges of making friends in middle school
  • Kids will understand Howard's struggles and love Franklin!
  • Written with humor - kids will laugh their way through this book as they read about the predicament Howard gets himself in when he makes a friend . . . ah, monster . . . !!!
  • Gives you important things to talk about with your grandchildren; what to do if you need to make a friend, how to show kindness to kids who need a friend and the trouble which can and will come when you do not tell the truth
Howard Boward has no friends, so after his mom gives him a book on how to make friends Howard decides to do as the book says and actually "make" a friend with a little science! The result . . . a monster named Franklin! As Zonderkidz says, "For Howard Boward, science genius, making friends in middle school is hard. The other kids have ore fun creatively expanding Howard's name than actually hanging out (as in How-weird or How-Lame). So, why not actually make a friend? A little wonder putty, some DNA, a few accidentally pilled chemicals and - boom! - instant friend. Monster friend, that is. Franklin Stein ends up being cool in middle school and helps Howard climb the UP ladder (as in Uber-Popular). But the new fame and friendship isn't exactly everything Howard hoped. Turns out real friendship might not be so simple, especially when Howard's new UP friends want their own monsters."  Sound fun?!!

How to Make Friends and Monsters releases on July 22, 2013 and will leave your grandchildren laughing and thinking; it definitely makes a great book for Summertime reading! I'm very happy to say, not only did Zonderkidz send me one How to Make Friends and Monsters for me to review, but they are making another available for me to give away! (USA only) If you are 18+ you can enter the drawing for this give-away, which will be on August 12th, by commenting below to let me know if you have followed on Google+, Google Friend Connect, followed by liking on facebook with the tab in the "Find us on Facebook" box ON THE BLOG (not just liking the post) and/or have followed grandma's cookie jar by email. For each of these which you have done you will receive one entry. In addition, if you "share" this post, you'll receive an additional entry for each way you "share" (please let me know if you share). This will help me be able to draw a name from among people who would like to win How to Make Friends and Monsters and it gives you several ways to enter the give-away! Thank you for reading grandma's cookie jar and for sharing it with the people you know!


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