Monday, September 23, 2013

Agent Perry the Platypus Hats!

I have started work on my Christmas gifts for this year . . . starting with crocheting Agent Perry the Platypus hats for my grandsons! My grandsons love the tv show, Phineas and Ferb . . . for good reason . . . it is funny!

plushie pet platypus free crochet patternThis past year I made Perry the Platypus stuffed toys for the boys (you'll find them at this link), so for Christmas I wanted to make a nice, warm hat with Agent Perry . . . fedora and all! I couldn't find a pattern which had the fedora and platypus bill, so I came up with one for myself!

These hats are finished, so now I'm working on Minion hats . . . after all, it gets cold here in Michigan so fun hats help make winter more enjoyable!

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