Wednesday, October 16, 2013

crafting with grandma - Keyboard Key Ornaments!

Homemade Christmas Ornaments to MakeIt is getting chilly outside so, my thoughts have turned to Christmas! Honestly, it really doesn't take much to get me thinking about Christmas!!! So, what do I do when I really start thinking about Christmas??? Hmmm . . . how about give my grandsons a really early Christmas present???!!! :-) Sounds like a winner of an idea to me!!! :-) I'm going to give them - and their parents - gifts tonight when we take Josiah home from church . . . since they might see this post I'll wait until tomorrow to let you know what I gave them all . . . maybe I'll even be able to include a photo or two!!!

I'm known for giving gifts early . . . besides, Jesus was more likely born in the Spring or Fall, so these gifts are either technically late or right on time! :-)

At any rate, along with thinking about giving gifts, when it gets cold I also think about fun things to make for Christmas and I found on Pinterest a really cool idea for a fun ornament; which I'm also going to share with you all today!

Just follow this link and you'll find a dozen fun ornament ideas; while it gives a link to a site for the specifics on making the Keyboard Ornaments, I didn't find the directions there. So, I'm going to guess you will need to take old keyboard keys, back them with some cardboard, string some string, twine or ribbon and make ornaments which spell out whatever you like! I'm definitely going to make some of these!

So, now . . . I need to pull out some Christmas wrapping paper and wrap five gifts . . . I'm sure I absolutely have more fun at Christmas than most people, as giving is always way more fun than receiving!!!! Have a joy-filled day!!!

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