Monday, October 14, 2013

grandmas, Let's Teach our Grandchildren the Timothy Prayer!

Some of you may know, along with writing grandma's cookie jar, I also write About the Children's Department - a blog about children's ministry. Today I posted about the Timothy Prayer; an opportunity to pray for our elected leaders and involve children in praying as well. I said . . .

"As adults, we may not stop and think about how news reports may be heard and interpreted by children. We may not stop and think of how children may be frightened by the words we say about how our elected officials are failing to work together to solve problems and the 'dire' consequences which we may experience if they do not. It is likely many children are hearing these reports and conversations and may be feeling stress and even fear at what this means for them and their families. While I could certainly write about being careful about the words we speak, today I want to share with you an opportunity we can all come together to support; and one which we can engage children in as well."

I went on to share about the Timothy Prayer - I want to share this with you as well because it is all too easy for our words about our government and it's leaders to become highly emotional and this can stress and frighten our grandchildren and children. I know I want my grandsons to grow to be men who turn to God with their concerns rather than become angry and frustrated with them. For this to happen, they need to learn to do this as children and they need to see it modeled to them by the adults in their lives. Since I'm their grandma, this includes me.

So, please, allow me to share with you some information about The Timothy Project. Yesterday I was blessed to meet and pray with Sabrina Fairchild; she is a co-host of the morning show on WJQ 99.3 and is working on a project to get us all to pray. She said, "The National Day of Prayer is partnering with Christian radio for The Timothy Prayer!  1 Timothy 2:1-2 says, 'I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.' On Thursday November 14, 2013, at 3:15 Eastern, (2:15 Central/1:15 Mountain/12:15 Pacific), all stations which choose to be a part of this time of prayer will stop the music to humbly go before the Lord to praise Him, ask for forgiveness, petition His guidance, grace and mercy, and to pray His will for our elected officials in Washington D.C."

As Sabrina told me, we can "teach young children the meaning of prayer, the power of prayer, why prayer is pleasing to God, and how to pray -- leading up to November 14th."
This is absolutely something we can get behind and involve our grandchildren so they are praying as well! Consider making this your prayer . . .  

Dear God, on this day I want to thank You for the opportunity to talk with You! Thank You for hearing my prayer. Please give wisdom to our elected officials so they will make wise decisions which will allow us to live peaceful and quiet lives. Please help us remember to pray for our leaders, rather than speak unkindly about them, and live lives which show the watching world we are peaceful, godly and holy; lives which will draw them to You. Thank You for loving us, we love You, too! Amen. 

Teaching our grandchildren to pray when those around us are frustrated and upset can have an incredible impact on them. Reminding them when they are faced with uncertainty they can turn to our amazing God Who loves them, hears their prayers and answers them is one of the most important things we can do, so the Timothy Prayer is absolutely something we can take part in; and encourage others to do so as well! (Check with your local Christian stations to see if they will be taking time to air The Timothy Prayer.) Will you join me in praying on November 14th?

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