Saturday, October 5, 2013

How Can You Know What Apps & Games are Best for Children?

Shop LeapPad UltraLeapFrogChristmas is just a few months away and we might be thinking about giving our grandchildren a learning system or apps and games to go on a system they have. With so much technology available just a click away, choosing the best, most educational apps and e-games for children can be tricky to navigate for any grandparent.  There are so many questions we wonder about: How can we be sure our choices are really educational?  How do we know which apps and games our grandchildren are ready for? Should we be concerned about how much time they spend using apps and games

Shop LeapPad2 PowerI was invited to interview DR. JODY SHERMAN LeVOS; the math and science development expert of LeapFrog’s Learning Team. Jody works on products which teach math and science concepts in developmentally appropriate ways using research-based techniques. Before joining LeapFrog, she was a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, a researcher and instructor, and a math textbook author. She is also the proud mother of two boys. She earned her doctorate in developmental psychology (specializing in mathematical and cognitive development) at the University of Alberta, in Canada. 

LeapFrog filmed my interview so I could share it with you! Please watch and see her answers to some of these and other questions for you so you are better able to navigate the whole area of technology for your grandchildren!

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