Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Minion Hats!

I've been busy making hats for my grandsons for Christmas! I already made Agent Perry
hats for them and just finished Minion hats! I made the Minions with one eye because Josiah says the one-eyed minions are more fun! I love making simple things like hats because they are fun, inexpensive and a way to give an extra gift - just takes some yarn and a bit of time!

I found the pattern at this link - it is free, so feel free to download it, grab some yarn and make Minion hats for your grandchildren! The pattern is easy to follow and if you use different sized hooks you will get different sized hats! I tweaked it a bit by making the black row two rows instead of one and added an extra row of yellow before the two rows of black. On my larger sizes I also added an extra yellow row below the black rows. And, of course, I made one-eyed Minions!

Have fun and surprise your grandchildren with Minion hats this Christmas! Enjoy!

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