Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chistmas Traditions!

This is the time of year when we tend to think about family and traditions when we
celebrate; more so than at other times of the year. Many of our traditions are similar; most of us likely put up a Christmas tree, decorate, have specific times when you get together with friends and family to celebrate, make special foods, go caroling . . . the list certainly goes on from there!

I have several traditions I enjoy each year; beginning with putting up the Christmas tree after Thanksgiving dinner! I involve Josiah - and now Caleb - in putting together gift boxes for children who would otherwise not receive a gift at Christmas (I do this with Operation Christmas Child or Christmas for an Orphan) and we order ducks and bunnies to send to families in need as well (I do this through World Vision and WorldHelp). I then have fun with the grandsons by placing a small gift (matchbox cars, books, etc) under the tree for them to open each time they are at my house between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

I started a new tradition this year . . . I had Josiah help me put up my Precious Moments Nativity Set - as we placed each figure, we talked about who it was and where they "fit" in the account of Jesus' birth!

Christmas Eve we all - my family, my siblings and their families - all go to my parent's house (across the street from my house) and celebrate with a meal - we all bring food to share - and white elephant gifts! Christmas Day, Dave, Jackie and the boys join Dave, me and Tiffany for dinner - this year I'm fixing ham, squash rolls, corn on the cob (if I can find it) asparagus & carrots, baked potatoes and chocolate cake (all dairy-free)! We will exchange gifts and just enjoy the time together!

So, what do you do? How do you celebrate? What are your traditions?

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