Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Freebies For You . . . or to Give!!!

Christmas is just 11 days away!!! Can you believe it??!!! If you have a limited budget, but still have people who you'd really love to give a gift to . . . or, might enjoy a little surprise for yourself . . . check these freebies . . . yes, I said, FREEBIES!!!
  • Amazon is offering FREE Holiday Song downloads! Check this link for details!
  • If you like LOTS of Christmas music, check this link for a full album of FREE music!!!
  • iTunes is offering a FREE daily download of songs, apps, books, movies or more . . . check this link!
  • Snapfish has FREE printables you can download and make a book for children you love! Check this link and you'll find puzzles, coloring pages and more!
  • More FREE music! This time it is Jordin Sparks singing This is My Wish! See this link!
  • FREE Kindle book download - see this link for; The Night Before Christmas and Other Popular Stories For Children
Well, these are just a few FREEBIES . . . which do you think you'll download? Merry Christmas!

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