Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas - Stained Glass from Bristolworks Glass

Throughout history cultures around the world have adorned their chapels, churches and buildings with stained glass. On-line I found the following history of stained glass; "It is likely Egyptian or Mesopotamian potters accidentally discovered glass when firing their vessels. The earliest known manmade glass is in the form of Egyptian beads from between 2750 and 2625 BC. Artisans made these beads by winding a thin string of molten glass around a removable clay core. This glass is opaque and very precious."  They went on to say in the first century AD Romans began to glaze glass into windows and "One of the oldest known examples of multiple pieces of colored glass used in a window were unearthed at St. Paul’s Monastery in Jarrow, England, founded in 686 AD." You can find more history of stained glass at this link, but it is safe to say, stained glass has been around for a couple thousand years and has been a cherished part of many cultures for it's uniqueness and beauty. 

So, if you are looking for a gift which is unique, beautiful and one which will be cherished to the point of being something which is handed down from one generation to the next, look at the amazing possibilities available from Bristolworks Glass! I am delighted today to introduce you to my brother, Art; he is an artist who takes bits of colored glass and creates works of art from them; Bristolworks Glass is his company; and passion! (You'll find his facebook page at this link with photos of his stained glass creations and contact information)

PhotoArt creates the most beautiful pieces of art with his stained glass; and has a growing list of extremely satisfied customers who enjoy his art in their homes! His creations range from small pieces of jewelry to large panels which grace the doorways and windows in his client's homes!

He is running a wonderful sale for Christmas on his 7x7 Sun Catchers which I'm delighted to let you know about today. Normally priced at $35, you can purchase one - or more - of these at just $30 each through December 24, 2013! Check his facebook page for details and contact information, but it is very safe to say, at this extremely affordable price, you have the opportunity to give a piece of art to someone on your gift list this Christmas which will surprise and delight anyone who receives it!

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