Monday, December 2, 2013

I Am So Thankful This Morning!

I am so thankful, happy and relieved this morning; last night my son - who is a mechanic -
was working in his garage when his heater started the garage on fire. I'm extremely grateful he noticed the fire right away, was able to get out of the garage, get his family out of their house, the neighbors were kind enough to let Jackie and the boys wait in their home (it is Michigan and cold here), the fire department arrived quickly and was able to get the fire out right away. The damage is small - a hole in the back of the garage and some of Dave's tools were damaged, but Dave, Jackie, Josiah, Caleb, Shane (and Gimli) are all safe! Their home did not burn at all. God is so good to us to keep them all safe and I am thankful beyond words!

Of course Josiah and Caleb thought it was all VERY exciting! After all, it isn't every day (thank God) you end up with five fire trucks with their lights flashing and sirens sounding at your own house! I'm sure they will have a LOT to tell me about on Wednesday!

So, in this season when we pause to think about the many gifts, big and small, which God blesses us with, I am so extremely thankful for this extremely big gift!

UPDATE: The fire rekindled this morning - Josiah saw the fire and ran into their livingroom to tell their nanny she needed to call 911 because the garage was on fire again! The garage is "finished", but they are all safe! Return of the fire trucks, more lights, sirens, excitement . . . two excited boys for sure!

My grandsons are safe - excited, but safe! God is SO very good and I am thankful beyond words! 

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