Friday, December 27, 2013

Just For Fun - Today is Make Paper Snowflakes Day!

Yes, today is, "Make Paper Snowflakes Day"! Where I live in Michigan we have no shortage of the real kind outside - lots and lots and lots of snowflakes, but since today is,  "Make Paper Snowflakes Day", I thought I'd share some real photos of real snowflakes with you and some ideas for making some of your own paper snowflakes!

Mircrophotograph of snowflake Mircrophotograph of snowflake First for the real photos of snowflakes. I found these photos by Alexey Kljatov at a site which I wanted to share with you, but the site has links to extremely inappropriate sites. (You can look it up on google, by typing in micro snowflake pictures, but use extreme caution if you decide to check it out to see more photos.) When I see photos like this, I am left in even greater awe for God! He is the Master Designer! Amazing and beautiful do not even begin to describe these snowflakes!

Now for making your own paper snowflakes . . . I found the following link on Pinterest and it has a number of designs for you to try on your own to make beautiful paper snowflakes! Consider having your grandchildren make a basket of snowflakes which they could take to neighbors or shut-ins to brighten their day! Talk with them about how each snowflake is different; designed by God, just as each of us are different and designed by God, too!


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