Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Come to Find Out . . . I AM a "Hat Person" After-All!

Not only do I live in Michigan; known as the "frozen place", but I was born here and grew up in this same, cold place . . . well, at least it tends to be cold here in the winter! So, it would be natural for you to assume I dress in layers with hats, scarves, mittens, boots . . . the whole nine-yards of winter apparel!

Well, not necessarily. In fact, if the truth be known, I used to drive my mom crazy in the winter. She told me to wear a hat, but I didn't like hats; they made my head itch and so I never wore them. I do not know how many times I was told, "You'll catch your death of pneumonia!" It is safe to say I heard this hundreds of times over the years!

I have never been a, "hat person" . . . this is, until now! I recently ordered a felt hat from Amazon and I have to say I LOVE it! Come to find out, I actually AM a, "hat person"!!!! The Sakkas Ruby Vintage Style Wool Cloche Hat is one which leaves me completely understanding why women in England are known for wearing hats . . . apparently my English ancestry does show in how much I now LOVE hats! 

So, what about you? Do you like to wear hats? If so, what is your favorite hat?

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