Friday, January 10, 2014

crafting with grandma - LOVE with Handprints!

When you have little ones at your home, chances are you will also have little handprints . . . on the windows, on the doors, on the furniture . . . in lots of places! Well, yesterday when I was browsing on Pinterest, I found the best idea ever for using those little hands . . . and feet, to make a gift which will be absolutely treasured by anyone who receives it!

All you need is paint, something to put the prints on; could be paper, canvas, wood, t-shirts, glass . . . whatever you choose and, of course, little hands and feet!

I'm going to have Josiah, Caleb and Shane make this for their parents . . . and an extra one for me, too, of course! I'll have Josiah write the "e" and see if we can get Caleb to write the "L", but not in cursive, as I think in their "handwriting" it would be even better! Maybe we will make some for the great-grandparents, too! I love how the hand makes the "o" and little feet make the "v" . . . if I can find . . . or make a frame where I could put this with photos of the boys . . . what could be a more perfect gift?

What do you think? What might this look like if you make it with your grandchildren? Enjoy!

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