Monday, January 27, 2014

crafting with grandma - Make a Winter Bird House & Some Weird Birds!

It is a cold and snowy day here in West Michigan; over 400 schools have canceled classes for today because with the wind chill it is -20 to -40 degrees out there . . . like I said, it is COLD here in West Michigan!

So, what do you do on a cold and snowy day . . . especially if you happen to have your grandchildren/children at home with you? Consider making a bird house so birds can find shelter from the cold and snow, too!

Check this link from the Farmer's Almanac for making a Winter Bird House from supplies you may find in your yard and on your work bench! Check your yard - when it is warm enough to do so - and gather branches. Check your work bench for scraps of wood, nails and tin cans. Grab some glue and you are ready to get creative with your grandchildren!

As you work on your Winter Bird House with your grandchildren, talk with them about the kinds of birds you might see in your backyard; get a bird book or look on-line to learn about these birds.You could also look at weird birds - check Reader's Digest for this link about eight of the World's Weirdest Birds, Unusual Earth at this link for Eight of the Weirdest Birds and this link from Audubon for their post showing Ten Weird Birds! While you are not likely to find any of these weird birds taking up residence in your bird house, talk with your grandchildren about how God created birds and spend time thanking Him for creating so many colorful, unique and weird looking birds!

What bird do you think looks the most weird? I personally find the Shoebill Stork to be pretty weird looking!

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