Tuesday, January 21, 2014

grandma's movie reviews - Harry Potter Movies

For many children the Harry Potter books and movies are on their "favorites" list; this is true for some adults as well. I have not been a "fan" of the Potter series, but I have never read the books and until just recently, never watched the movies. However; since I just sat down and worked my way through the movies, I thought I'd share my thoughts with you about these stories and how they could potentially impact our grandchildren.

First of all; I thought all the movies "dragged" in several places, with the exception of the last one - Deathly Hallows 2. I also thought there were many times in these same movies where it was not clear what the characters were doing and/or why they were doing it. I did not like how the stories made being a witch or wizard, "cool", "fun" and "exciting". I especially do not like how the stories are about children who are witches and wizards as some children (and even some adults) who read and/or watch the Potter stories may decide they want to be witches or wizards. God's Word is very clear; God tells us He hates witchcraft. Satan can - and sadly will - deceive children - and even adults - and these movies may make it easier to deceive some children and adults into thinking they will have better lives if they are witches or wizards. If children at young ages look at being witches or wizards as, "cool", "fun" and "exciting" - even though the truth is in real life witches and wizards are nothing like they are in these stories -they may develop an unhealthy interest in these things.  

I did find myself surprised at how I did like the last movie; Deathly Hallows 2. In this installment of the series some of the adults; mainly the Malfoys, who followed Voldemort realized they had made a very bad choice to follow him and they ran away from him as soon as they had a chance to do so. The Malfoys "repented" in a way; they turned and ran away from following evil. I also liked the example of sacrifice this movie showed in the character of Professor Snape. He was willing to be thought of as a "bad guy" who was despised by the "good guys" in able to be in a position where he could help defeat Voldemort. He even sacrificed his life to bring about the end of Voldemort. I was happy to see Harry make the choice to save Draco Malfoy even though he had been Harry's "nemesis" throughout the series. 

While I would recommend not having children read these books or watch these movies, this can be very difficult to actually do since many public schools encourage children to read the books. If your grandchildren read these books and/or watch the movies, please take time to talk with them about how these stories are exactly this; stories. In real life, witches and wizards are not like they are represented in the books. In real life God tells us not to be witches or wizards or to have anything to do with them. God does not say this to keep us from having fun or being cool or exciting because the most joy, the most fun and the most excitement in life comes from knowing and walking with God!

If your grandchildren read these books and/or watch these movies, be sure to talk with them about the messages in the last book/movie and how they need to make right choices and be wise about who they follow.

So, what is your "take" on the Potter books and movies?

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  1. I never liked them. I thought they were boring and annoying.