Monday, January 6, 2014

Granny Square Purse for Grandma!!!

I've been busy for the past several months making hats, blankets and headbands for family members for Christmas; so, since I had those finished, I thought I'd take a day to make myself a new purse! Since I had some granny squares on hand, I thought I'd take them and make a new purse . . . 

I'm really happy with the finished purse . . . it has enough room for my things and it has enough color to brighten a grey, winter's day here in Michigan! It is a really easy purse to make . . . just make some granny squares with leftover yarn - I used six granny squares for this purse - then crochet a liner. I attached the liner to the top of the granny squares and then crocheted some additional rows to make the top part of the purse, added a handle and voila! The purse was finished!

This is a simple enough pattern you could easily use it to help a granddaughter learn to crochet . . . and make a purse for herself, her mom, a friend . . . 

So, what do you think? Who might you make a purse like this for?

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