Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Join the Rescue!

I have been incredibly blessed by God; both in intangible things such as my family, friends, the joy, peace and love I have from God and others and in tangible things as well. No, I don't have piles of money, do not live in a McMansion, or drive new cars, but I have the money I need to do the things I need to do; and often have some for an "extra" or two now and then.  I have all the clean, safe water I need; and more than I need at the turn of a facet. I have all the food I need; and more than I "need" as I am able to buy food I like and not just what I "need". I live in a house which is warm and dry; and has more room than I actually "need". My husband and I have one car; it is a 2003 and while it isn't "new" it is nice. I think I live a life which is like the lives of most people here in the USA; we have the things we need, and often more than we need. We are certainly incredibly blessed people.

However; in many places around the world there are people who do not have the things we have; they, in many cases, do not even have the things they genuinely need. As my grandsons grow up, I want them to be boys and then men who are truly thankful for their many blessings. I also want them to be boys and then men who have a heart for others and who focus on helping and serving those in need. I am committed to helping them grow to be thankful people; it brings joy to my heart when I hear them express their thanks to God and others!

I also want to provide opportunities for them to learn of needs people around the world have and give them projects which they can work on so they are able to help and serve people in need. It is for this reason I joined the blogging team at WorldHelp. Each month I'll share an opportunity to get involved and help others; starting this month with their Operation Baby Rescue initiative in Uganda

WorldHelp says; "Approximately 11 million children reside in the dirty, dangerous streets of the Ugandan slums near Kampala, Uganda. They are desperate for help and have little hope for survival. The destitute nation is consumed by poverty and has little to offer these orphaned and abandoned children. Left alone to fight for survival, their situation is desperate and urgent. But we can intervene and save their lives . . . we can restore hope."

Read this link to learn how WorldHelp is saving the lives of babies and how you can help!   While you may not be able to give $25,000 to finish construction and outfit the third baby dorm, you can help spread the word about the Operation Baby Rescue project. You can involve your grandchildren in raising money to go towards the $25,000 they need. You might be able to help by purchasing an Operation Baby Rescue Necklace, T-Shirt or Onesie as the money you spend on these items go towards the Operation Baby Rescue project. And you can pray.

Please do something. Please do not just read this and care about the project; although I hope you will read this and care about the project. Please also pray and please also find a way you can do something - preferably with your grandchildren - to help WorldHelp as they Rescue Babies in Uganda.

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