Tuesday, January 21, 2014

just for fun - Today is National Hugging Day!

Now this is a holiday for grandmas for sure! National Hugging Day!!! I LOVE this one! I looked on-line at punchbowl (dot) com and found the following information about National Hugging Day; "Today is National Hugging Day! Whether you prefer Bear Hugs, Heart-to-Heart Hugs, Cheek Hugs, or Side Hugs, embrace your loved ones today to show your love and affection.
Scientific studies have demonstrated hugs are incredibly good for us. A hug can lower your blood pressure, trigger the release of healthy hormones (like oxytocin), and relieve stress. Doctors recommend a minimum of 4-6 hugs per day for our emotional and physiological well-being, but more is always better!
The record for most hugs given in one hour by an individual is 1,749. Nick Vujicic achieved this feat at an expo center in Oregon in 2010.
Find out more about National Hugging Day and celebrate it in your own special way. Create a hug chain, host a hug-a-thon, initiate a group hug, or substitute hugging for handshakes in honor of the occasion!"
So, what else might you do to celebrate National Hugging Day? Well, maybe you could . . .
  • Buy a bag of Hershey Hugs candies and give them to the people you come in contact with today!
  • Have someone take a picture of you and your grandchildren hugging
  • Make "hugs" - lay out long sheets of paper - have your grandchildren lay down on the paper with their arms out to their sides - trace around your grandchildren's arms - connect the lines when they get up - cut out the arms and have your grandchildren decorate the arms/hug for one big paper hug which you could send to family who live too far away to hug them today!
What might you do to celebrate National Hugging Day?

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