Monday, January 6, 2014

Purple Minion Hats & Despicable Me 2

This past Christmas I made Minion hats for my grandsons - and their parents and nanny! After watching Despicable Me 2, I knew I had to also make the purple minion, crazy minion hats for the boys as well! I followed the basic pattern for regular Minion hats (you'll find it at this link), but added an extra row of purple, made eye-lids for the eye and a mouth with teeth! So, here it is . . . what do you think? I'm looking forward to seeing my three, sweet grandsons in these minion hats!

So, since I wanted to share my "crazy" minion hats with you, I thought I'd also share a few thoughts about Despicable Me 2 . . . 
Despicable Me 2
By - Universal Studios
Rating - PG

Favorite Features -
  • It's FUNNY!!! When my daughter, husband and I first watched this, we laughed all the way through it!
  • The Minions are in this movie again, and the addition of the "crazy" Minions just added to the movie!
  • Solid messages about making wise choices and changing from being a "bad guy" to being a "good guy", as well as solid messages about family and knowing what is really important
  • Great extra features - the shorts are really funny, too!
  • Did I mention this movie is funny??? :-)
I really enjoyed Despicable Me, so when I heard there was going to be a Despicable Me 2, I couldn't wait to see it! I was not disappointed when I watched it! This movie is funny, it is a fun movie to watch with the family and most importantly, there are solid messages throughout! When you watch it with your grandchildren, be sure to point out how Gru made the choice to no longer be a "bad guy" because he wanted to be a good dad to his three girls. This funny movie does a great job at showing how we can make the choice to change if we have been making poor decisions and we can go on to be "good guys" in our real lives!

Despicable Me 2 will absolutely be a family favorite . . . we are all now looking forward to Despicable Me 3 and the Minion Movie!!!! What did you like best about Despicable Me 2?

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