Saturday, February 8, 2014

crafting with grandma - Polka Dot Purse!

This is such a fun blanket!  Really unique. :)  20 Popular Free Crochet Patterns to Bookmark if You Haven’t Tried Them Yet compiled by Crochet ConcupiscenceLast month, the month of January, we only had four days with no snow here where I live in West Michigan. Yes, only four days. This winter is reminiscent of when I was in high school - '78 and '79 - when we got lots and lots of snow; like we have been getting this year. Cold, grey, cold, snowy, cold, windy and did I mention it has been cold? As much a -30s with the wind chill. Yes, it has been cold.

However; Spring is just around the corner! It is supposed to be warmer in the coming week . . . this is something to celebrate . . . even if "warmer" is only the 30s (above zero)! So, to help me think cheerful, happy, fun and warm thoughts, I have decided to make a new purse. I was browsing on Pinterest and found a pattern for making polka dots . . . what could be more cheerful, happy and fun . . . if not warm . . . than polka dots!!!

In spite of how much I like the black background for these polka dots, since I'm thinking Spring thoughts, I'll likely choose a different color for the background, but the dots will definitely be a lot of bright, fun colors for sure! I'll post a photo of the finished item, but for now, here is the link in case you might like to brighten your "end of winter" with making something with this polka dot pattern, too! If you do, what might you make?

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