Friday, February 28, 2014

crafting with grandma - St. Patrick's Day Handprint Rainbow . . . and More!

Yesterday I was browsing on Pinterest and came across are really cute idea for making a
handprint rainbow for St. Patrick's Day! Since I love handprint crafts . . . wait, did I say, "love"??? Since this is a significant understatement, allow me, please, to correct . . . since I LOVE handprint crafts, I knew I would have to share this one with you!

Follow this link and you'll find the simple directions for this cute handprint rainbow . . . I would include a photo of my grandchildren in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because they are my "treasure" for sure!!! 

As I followed this link, I was very surprised and delighted to find in addition to the handprint rainbow, a wonderful idea for having a St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt! Sounds like so much fun!

Since St. Patrick's Day is still a couple weeks away . . . I'm holding out hope some of our snow will melt by then . . . although as I write this it is negative four degrees outside right now . . . yes, I said negative four! This is a huge "warm up" though as two hours ago it was negative eighteen!!! BRRRRR!!! 

If our snow ever melts, it would be fun to have the boys go and find some sticks and branches to make a homemade frame for their handprint rainbow picture! At any rate, frame or not, this is a fun craft . . . enjoy!

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