Friday, February 21, 2014

grandma's chuckles . . . George the Bear and Josiah the Snowboy!

I've been going back and enjoying some of the funny things Josiah has said over the years . . . my memory is terrible, so I decided when he was born, to be sure to write down the cute and funny things he said so I would be able to remember and enjoy them! I highly recommend doing this with your grandchildren . . . it is so much fun to go back and remember these special times!

At any rate, I have shared once again a couple of the funny and cute things he said and thought I'd share another one with you today! This is from two years ago . . . he was three and oh, so cute!!!

I love making up stories with Josiah! He is three years old and has such a sense of humor and an imagination perfect for making up his own stories! The other day he was at my house after building a snow bear with his mom at his house. (Isn't he so cute in the photo!!!) We were going to make up stories - something which must be done while sitting in grandma's lap, of course! He wanted a "scary" story, but I told him I had an idea for a funny story.
I said, "Once upon a time there was a bear named George . . ." Josiah said, "And he heard a scary sound!" (can you tell he was still thinking a scary story would be fun??!!!) I said, "No he didn't, he woke up in his bed and looked outside and saw something! Do you know what he saw?" Josiah, "He saw a scary monster!!!" I said, "No, he did not, he saw snow!!!! So after he ate his breakfast . . . " Josiah said, "He ate waffles, scrambled eggs and bacon!!!!" I said, "After his breakfast of waffles, scrambled eggs and bacon, he asked his momma if he could go out to play in the snow and she said, yes! George put on his boots, coat, mittens and hat and went outside and built a snowboy! . . . " Josiah said, "I didn't know George the bear could build a snowboy!!! That's funny!!!" I said, "Well apparently he could build a snowboy, so he did. After he finished building his snowboy, he decided to name it. Do you know what he named it?" Josiah said, "No." I said, "He named it Josiah!" Josiah thought this was very funny and said, "Hahahahaha! That's funny!"

Our story went on from there but basically George the bear and Josiah the snowboy played in the snow and had a fun day with lots of laughing and of course the scary, talking trees . . . apparently there had to be a scary sound in the story and on this day the scary sound came from talking trees!

Do you make up stories with your grandchildren? What stories do they like to make up and hear?

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