Monday, February 10, 2014

grandma's chuckles . . . Super Caleb and Monsters!

Yesterday I posted about a time when Josiah and I were making up stories about a dinosaur, rock monster and a boy named Josiah. I LOVE making up stories with Josiah . . . he has such a fun imagination! For about three years we have been making up stories together, so when Caleb started wanting to make up stories with me, I was absolutely thrilled!

When the boys were at my house this past weekend, we made up a couple stories at Caleb's nap-time. His face just lit up with the biggest smile, his eyes twinkled and he happily helped with the stories! His stories are definitely "boy stories"; just like Josiah's . . . there are monsters and it is likely something will want to eat him! No sweet stories about bunnies and butterflies . . . unless they are being chased and eaten by monsters!

Caleb's first story had Super Caleb, Super Josiah and a big, humongous monster with a bunch of eyes, lots of hair and ten hands; this monster was named, "Robin" and he decided to play nicely with Super Caleb and Super Josiah! The second story had Super Caleb coming to the rescue of his momma when another monster wanted to eat her! 

After the stories it was time for Caleb's nap, so I tucked him into his bed and went into the living-room where I heard; "Once upon a time there was a Super Caleb and his name was Caleb! Do you know what he saw? He saw a monster!" The storytelling went on from there so apparently Fox in Socks, bear and big dog were hearing stories from Caleb as they "took their naps"! Since I LOVE storytelling, I am thrilled to see both Josiah and Caleb have wonderful imaginations and enjoy storytelling, too! I'm a happy grandma!

What kind of stories do your grandchildren like to create?

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