Thursday, February 20, 2014

grandma's chuckles - "Watch out for fire-breathing basset hounds!"

I have three grandsons, Josiah is five, Caleb is two and Shane is six months old. These three sweet boys fill my heart with so much joy! They are still all just little . . . but they are growing up so fast! I've been reminiscing and enjoying some of the sweet memories of time spent with them and thought maybe you would enjoy a few of my fun "grandma stories" to help you, "get to know" my sweet grandsons . . . and brighten your day with a smile, too! This story for today is one I've shared before, but in case you didn't see it when I first shared it . . . or just might enjoy laughing at it again, I thought I'd share it again! Enjoy . . .

I LOVE the imagination of four year olds! I LOVE the way they see the world and how some things are just "obvious" . . . at least if you are four years old! 

My sweet grandson, Josiah, was at my house yesterday and he told me the following. "Grandma, if we lived in a different world, we'd have to watch out for fire-breathing basset hounds!"  I smiled, and said, "Hmmm. I don't think I've ever seen a fire-breathing basset hound." To which he replied, "That's because they would only be in a different world!

Of course! It is obvious! Like I said, I LOVE the imagination of four year olds and the way they see the world! And, yes, I'm still laughing about this one today . . . which is why I shared it with you!

What are some of the funny things your grandchildren/children say?

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