Monday, February 3, 2014

Just the Way We Are . . .

I was blessed in the last couple days to be reminded of something extremely important; something which we need to remember and hold on to as grandmas - and grandpas, moms and dads - and something which we need to help our grandchildren/children also remember and hold on to as they grow up. What is this extremely important "something"? It is the truth we are loved and have value just the way we are!

Josiah and Caleb were here for a sleepover and we were talking about the color of my hair. Josiah said my hair was brown and white and I told him he was right! I said if I ever dyed my hair, I'd dye it red, to which he said, "NO! Do not dye it red! You should dye it white so it is all white!" Apparently he is quite happy with a grandma who has white hair - or even mostly white hair!

It is pretty easy in this day and age to think we need to dye our hair so we look younger, apply makeup so we look younger, wear fashions which make us look younger . . . basically think being older is not a good thing. This, however; is not the truth; look at what Proverbs 16:31 has to say about growing older . . . 

Gray hair is a mark of distinction,
    the award for a God-loyal life. (MSG)

Grey - or white - hair is a mark of distinction; it is an award from God! Look at Proverbs 20:29 for more about growing older . . . 

The glory of young men is their strength,    
but the splendor of old men is their gray hair. (ESV)

While younger people may have more strength, as we get older our grey hair is something of splendor! There is still more to learn about a right view of growing old . . . look at Psalm 92:12-15 . . . 

The righteous will spring up like a palm tree.
    They will grow strong like a cedar of Lebanon.
 Those who have been replanted in the Lord’s house
    will spring up in the courtyards of our God.
 They will bear fruit even when old and gray;
    they will remain lush and fresh in order to proclaim:
        “The Lord is righteous.
        He’s my rock.

There’s nothing unrighteous in him." (CEB)

Even when we are old and gray, we will remain, "lush and fresh" so we are able to tell others about God! Yes, we get old and yes there are things we may no longer be able to do as we once did, but yes, we also have much to continue to offer and we have very important things for us to do . . . continue to tell others - especially our grandchildren - about God!

The second thing which reminded me of this, was the song, "Just the Way You Are", sung at the Super Bowl by Bruno Mars. While this is a song about the way a boy sees the girl he loves, I really love how the lyrics talk about he loves the girl's laugh and smile and he would not change anything about her because he loves her just the way she is! 

As we start the month of February where people think about loving others, watch for opportunities to remind the people in your life you love them just the way they are! Remember, even though we are getting older, we have great value and have much to offer! Share God's love with everyone you come in contact with and remember; you still have much fruit to bear!

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