Friday, March 21, 2014

crafting with grandma . . . One Purple Minion Completed . . . Two More to Go!

plushie pet platypus free crochet patternLast year for Easter, I made my grandsons crocheted Perry the Platypus' . . . I hid them in my house so they could go find them! It was lots of fun! For the last year the boys have slept with their Perrys . . . they have been well-loved, which is wonderful, since they were made with love! (You'll find the link to the pattern at this link.)

So, this year, I've been working on crocheting purple minions for my grandsons! You'll find the basic pattern I used at this link - I obviously made the minion purple instead of yellow and added a big mouth with lots of teeth, an eyelid to the one eye, dark grey overalls, longer arms and lots of crazy hair!

I have this minion completed (it is for Josiah) and have started work on the second minion (for Caleb); this one will be a bit shorter, smaller and I may give it two eyes! The third and final minion will be for baby Shane and will be smaller and probably will have one eye. I plan to hide them in my house again this year and let the boys go looking for their own minion; then they can work together to find Shane's minion!

And yes, they are definitely being made with lots and lots of love!

What do you think? Might you make any minions for the children you love?

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