Friday, March 28, 2014

grandma's cookie jar's Third Birthday - Almost Here!

In just a little over one month, grandma's cookie jar will be celebrating it's third "birthday"! Three years ago I began writing this blog and I have to say it has been a complete honor, delight and joy to write and get to know those of you who take the time out of your own day to read what I write!

So, first of all, I want to say a big, "THANK YOU!!!" Thank you for reading grandma's cookie jar! Thank you for commenting and sharing your lives with me and with the others who read grandma's cookie jar! Thank you for passing on word about grandma's cookie jar by sharing the posts with the people you know!

Throughout the month of May, I will be celebrating the "birthday" of grandma's cookie jar with special give-aways - what could possibly be more fun???!!!! I have already announced the give-away of Isabelle, the American Girl Doll, Girl of the Year for 2014 (the drawing will be on May 24, 2014 and you will find the specifics about this give-away at the following link).

Today I want to mention some of the special give-aways for May . . . 
  • a counter-top grill from Cuisinart
  • a fun game from USAopoly
  • a number of wonderful books
  • a candle from Yankee Candle
I will be reviewing each of these and provide the specifics on how to enter their give-aways in April, so please stay tunned!

I also have more give-aways which I'm finalizing, but today I'd like some feed-back from you all about if you would prefer three individual give-aways from Shutterfly (one for a magnet, one for two placemats and one for a stainless steel travel mug, or just one give-away which includes all three items in one prize package). Please comment below to let me know if you think it would be more fun to have three individual give-aways or one give-away for a prize package from Shutterfly!

Thank you again for reading grandma's cookie jar - please help spread the word about the special give-aways in the month of May for grandma's cookie jar's Special Month of Birthday Give-Aways . . . it should be a lot of fun!


  1. What fun!! Congratulations on 3 years. I think 3 separate giveaways would allow more people to share in the prizes but if one is easier...go for it. I follow on fb and email.

    1. Thank you! I agree - three separate give-aways it is!

  2. I agree with Mary Beth. I just found your blog, but I've been exploring and it is full of fun! Thanks for sharing your grandmother-ly-ness with us as well. One of the first things I said to my husband after our first daughter/child was born was, "now I can be a grandma!" I truly can't wait for that stage of life, but I sure enjoy the *grandma* moment I can share as a mother too, crafting and cooking etc., with my three girls.

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you found grandma's cookie jar! You are absolutely correct - being a grandma is amazing, but so is being mom! Enjoy! :-)

  3. If this is an Isabelle post, please count me in.
    I also wonder, the rules about following are unclear to me. Are we supposed to comment for each way we follow you on every post or only once total?
    lane dot family at yahoo dot com
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Yes, this will count as an Isabelle post - you will receive one entry for each way you follow for each thing I give away. You are able to receive extra entries each time I post if you share/ comment. So, for Isabelle, you will receive one entry if you follow by fb. However, each time I post, you can also receive one entry if you share by fb (same applies to the other ways you can follow/share) I'm sorry this is confusing -hope this clears it up! Thank you for reading grandma's cookie jar! :-)