Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It is National Craft Month - Let's Make Some Fun Crafts!

March is National Craft Month which, of course, means March is sure to be a fun month! It
also means it will be a fun month to spend time with grandchildren because while we can, and should, make crafts with them all year long, a month with a focus on making crafts is one when holds great times and memories for sure!

I looked on Pinterest for a couple fun ideas which you could do with your grandchildren and am happy to share them with you . . . 

  • Puzzle Pins - this craft says to use a die and cut a puzzle shape - which you could certainly do if you have a die, but if you do not, check your closet for a puzzle with missing pieces or one which you are not going to put together again and use the back side of the pieces to make pins which your grandchildren could give to friends, teachers, the secretaries at their school and/or church, neighbors and mom to brighten their day! You'll find the craft at this link - enjoy!
  • Plastic Spinner Bottle - Spring has to be arriving . . . at least I am hoping it does!!! This is a fun craft which requires the assistance of adults as we do not want to let children make the cuts in the bottles. There are enough "steps" to this craft so even young children will have lots of things they can do to make spinner bottles which they could give to their parents, teachers, neighbors . . . You'll find the craft at this link - enjoy!
  • Pencil Jewelry - I LOVE the look of this craft! So fun! So unique! So colorful! This would be a lot of fun to make with granddaughters; which I do not have, but if I did, we would definitely be making these! Your granddaughter could make these for friends, teachers, her mom and anyone whose day she wants to brighten! You'll find
    the craft at this link - enjoy!
  • Tie Snakes - I've made these before with children; it is fun, fairly simple and a great way to use unused ties - or visit a thrift store and pick up a few ties if you do not have any! You'll find the craft at this link - enjoy!
So, which one do you like the most? I like them all, but if I could only make one I'd be really torn between the puzzle pins and the pencil necklace - if I was making them for me, but if I was looking for something my grandsons could make it would be the snakes for sure!

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