Thursday, March 27, 2014

Second-Chance Give-Away - Veggies in Space!

Last month I reviewed the new VeggieTales DVD; Veggietales: Veggies in Space The Fennel Frontier and asked, "What do you get when you combine several space themes, talking veggies, humor and a solid message? The new VeggieTales story: Veggies in Space, and it does not disappoint!" I reviewed this new Veggie-story and had a drawing to give one DVD away; however; the winner did not get their information to me, so I'm having a second-chance give-away to draw the name of a new winner!

You'll find my full review at this link, but when my grandsons watched Veggietales: Veggies in Space and Josiah, (the five-year old) told me the "main theme" was sharing. He thought the message was very clearly presented! He liked the fighting giant robots in loincloths and Caleb, (the two-year old) liked the space ship rockets! Children will identify with,"under the galactic law of to the victor goes the me-want-ti-um" as well as "the law of finders keepers" and will see examples throughout the story of characters who are not sharing as Mr. Spork,"wonders if it is all about the stuff that we call mine, mine, mine.

I love Junior's message, "If you have enough to spare, you have enough to share!" When he sings, "One for me and one for you, to share is not that hard to do. When we can see beyond ourselves and give to others, too! A bite for you a bite for me, that's how God says it's supposed to be and if we have enough to spare, we also have enough to share!

I love how Bob sums it up at the end with the verse from Luke 3:11; "Whoever has two tunics is to share with him who has none; and whoever has food to do likewise." In the story, the engines on the Starship Applepies are called, T.U.N.I.C.S and Bob explains how tunics are shirts and the Bible tells us if we have something someone else needs, then we are to share! It would be very easy to work on a couple projects with your grandchildren/children to help them share what they have with others.

While my grandsons are too young to catch all the "nods" to Star WarsStar Trek and even Dr. Who, grandparents and parents will once again be able to watch Veggietales: Veggies in Space with their grandchildren/children and enjoy the show! Whether it is a old-time phone booth showing up with Dr. Who in it, a cell phone with Larry saying, "Can you hear me now?", the captain's log being an actual "log", the "bridge on the starship Applepies is an actual bridge, characters with names like, Mr. Spork, Captain Cuke, and Lt. Whoareyou, the bumper stickers on the "station wagon", the planet, Tootanny, desperate pleas for help in holographic messages - which they wait to send until it is their, "only hope", the logic of Mr. Spork and more will all add to the fun!

Veggietales: Veggies in Space
 is a story the entire family is sure to enjoy; and most importantly, learn from! This Second-Chance give-away will be on April 1, 2014 (USA only)! If you are over the age of 18 and would like to be in the drawing for Veggietales: Veggies in Spaceyou may enter by commenting below to let me know another of your favorite VeggieTales movies . . . I really thought Big Idea "hit a home-run" with, Veggietales: Pistachio - the Little Boy That Woodn't!

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  1. All Veggie Tales movies are great, but since my middle name is Esther, I'll choose "Esther, the Girl who Became Queen." I follow on Facebook and my Feedly reader. Thanks for the second chance.

  2. I've always liked Esther...but enjoy all of them with my grandkids. I follow on fb and email.

  3. Love them all but our fave is the Christmas one! I follow on facebook and Google friend connect and Google plus. Also I plus oned this and subscribe to emails. :-)

  4. My entire family enjoys Larry Boy. My favorite is the "Rumor Weed." I love how nice, true words save the day. I follow you on FB, twitter, Google +, & Pinterest. I tweeted about this on twitter.

    Thank you for the chance!!

  5. I don't remember the names of the Veggie Tales movies, but I remember one that I got from the library for my daughter. It was a Christmas one. She loved it, and it crack me up!

  6. Also, I follow you by Facebook and by email. I also shared on Facebook!

  7. I love Veggie Tales, please include me. Liked, shared, follow on FB, pinterest , email & Google+. Thank you for the second chance. :)

  8. One of our favorites is The League of Incredible Vegetables
    I am an e mail subscriber
    I like you on facebook as Merry Sunshine
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