Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Two Year Olds and, "NO!!!"

My grandson Caleb is two years old and there are certainly times when his favorite word is, "No!" as is common with two-year olds! Wait! Did I say his favorite word is, "No!"? This would be a definite understatement as, "NO!!!!" is much more accurate!

He was at our house the other day when it was nap-time. I told Caleb it was time for his nap and asked if he wanted me to read him his book, Moose Tracks! or his book, A Dog is a Dog (two of his favorite books!) His answer was an unmistakable, "NO!!!"

So, I hugged him: to which he said firmly, "NO!!!

So, I said, "Should I kiss your foot?" and kissed his foot: to which he said firmly "NO!!"

So, I said, "Should I kiss your knee next?" and kissed his knee: to which he said less firmly, "No!!!"

So, I said, "Should I kiss your elbow?" and kissed his elbow: to which he laughed and said, "No!"

So, I said, "Should I kiss your head?" and kissed his head: to which he laughed and said, "No; kiss my foot again!!!"

By then he was laughing and so he asked me to kiss him on his elbow, his back and his toes again; which of course I did! We went on to read both of his books and make up a Super Caleb story, tucked him into bed and he had his nap.

I have found; particularly with my young grandsons, if I am successful at distracting and redirecting them, I can "diffuse" when they are upset. What have you found to be an effective way to redirect your grandchildren?

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  1. We sing silly songs. My grandson is also 2. I make up songs about whatever we are doing in addition to singing the traditional Alphabet song, or Twinkle, Twinkle, etc. When he gets upset I ask him which song we should sing. Like your grandson, he starts of saying, "NO!!!", but then I keep asking him and we get to a song that he likes to sing and eventually the situation is diffused.