Sunday, April 13, 2014

Celebrate Resurrection Sunday!

In one week we will be celebrating the most important day in history - the day Jesus rose from the dead! If He did not rise, our faith would be in vain, but He did and because of this we can receive forgiveness for our sins and know the joy which comes from walking with Him!

I love the opportunity to celebrate Jesus' resurrection with my family; my grandsons and I will be making colored eggs which we will hide in our yard for them to find (check this link for a really fun idea for coloring eggs!) - Josiah will find eggs which are a certain color and Caleb will find eggs with another color so they are both able to find eggs! Along with the eggs they colored, they will also be able to find some Resurrection Eggs. After they find them all we will sit down and go through the Resurrection Eggs and the Bible account of what Jesus did for us!

The boys will also be able to search inside the house for the purple minions I made for them and their baby brother for a little more fun . . . plus, I'll give them some tasty treats to add to their buckets (we got buckets for them which they decorated and will use to gather the eggs they find outside!)

We will all enjoy a ham dinner; I think I'll also make mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, corn on the cob and asparagus. I'm leaning toward lemon pie, but have not decided yet for sure what I will fix for dessert.

So, what will you do to celebrate Resurrection Sunday?


  1. I think I am coming to your house~ NO kiddos here so we will be just going to the Sunrise service and maybe inviting other empty nesters over for dinner