Monday, April 28, 2014

just for fun - Today is Blueberry Pie Day!

Mmmmm! Blueberry Pie Day! What a delicious day to celebrate!!! I am personally a fan of blueberries; I like them pretty much any way they can be fixed and just plain, "as they are" is delicious, too!

The website where I found out about Blueberry Pie Day had this to say about it: "What could be more enjoyable than a slice of delicious, Blueberry pie? Blueberries, or star berries as the Native Americans called them, are one of nature’s super foods. The humble blueberry is one of few blue foods found in nature and it is native to the Americas. The chemicals found in blueberries may contribute to fighting diseases and preventing against certain cancers. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it’s only fitting we should have a special day, in the form of Blueberry Pie Day, to celebrate them. Americans have been enjoying blueberry pies for years and there is no shortage of scrumptious recipes on the internet. Why not have your own blueberry pie celebration by making a pie or eating blueberry themed dishes? As well as using traditional blueberry pie recipes, why not experiment with some new ones? Adding ricotta cheese to the filling will add a creamy twist to the pie or adding black pepper, combined with warm spices, will give your pie a real kick!

I enjoy the traditional baked blueberry pie, but I also have a tasty, simple recipe for a no-bake blueberry cream cheese pie which is a perfect and delicious summer recipe! All you need is . . . 

  • 1/2 box of cream cheese - softened
  • 1 carton of whipping cream - whip it so it is fluffy!
  • 1 graham or shortbread cookie pie crust
  • blueberries (from a can is okay for this!)
  • whipping cream
Beat the cream cheese so it is "fluffy", fold the mixed whipping cream with the cream cheese and put into the pie crust. Top with blueberries and refrigerate until you are ready to serve it. Top with a bit more whipping cream when you serve and enjoy!!!

This is a really easy and quick recipe to make - try making it with your grandchildren. Double it and take the extra pie to a shut-in or neighbor so your grandchildren have the opportunity to serve others - in a very tasty way!

How do you like your blueberry pie?

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