Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! Being a mom is one of God's greatest gifts; I love my children and am
so thankful to be their mom! I have many wonderful memories of being a mom to young children, older children, teens and now they are adults. Such a blessing!

I also am so thankful to be a grandma to my three, sweet grandsons; another of God's greatest gifts! Josiah, Caleb and Shane bring joy to my life and I am so grateful to be their grandma!

I love both being a mom and a grandma and while there are things which are the same, there are differences. I explain it this way. The biggest difference between being a mom and a grandma is, when you are the mom and your children see you they say, "hello" or just "grunt", but when you are grandma and your grandchildren see you they say, "Grandma!!!!!" and you get smiles, hugs and kisses!!!  

So, on Mother's Day I am so thankful for my children and grandchildren: some of God's greatest gifts!

Happy Mother's Day!

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