Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It is Time for a Picnic!

I have sweet boys at my house today! At this moment, Shane is sleeping in my lap as I write and Caleb is in my lap off and on! I'm a happy grandma!

This afternoon after we pick Josiah up from school, we are going to the store to get things for a picnic supper at the park tonight - daddy and momma are meeting us at the park for the picnic! It will be a lot of fun for sure!

So, I thought it would be fun today to share some "picnic" info with you! Did you know . . . 

  • Picnics are often family-oriented but can also be an intimate occasion between two people, or a large get-together such as company picnics and church picnics. It is also sometimes combined with a cookout, usually a form of barbecue; either grilling, braising, baking or a combination of all of the above
  • In Ancient times, a picnic was a symbol of strength and prosperity
  • When the picnic is not a cookout, the food eaten is rarely hot, instead taking the form of deli sandwiches, finger food, fresh fruit, salad, cold meats and accompanied by chilled wine or champagne or soft drinks
  • A teddy bears' picnic is a party for young children which involves a meal where children are invited to bring their teddy bears
  • The earliest picnics in England were medieval hunting feasts
What is your favorite place to have a picnic - mine is in Dunsmuir, California at the place where the Sacramento River begins - up in the mountains! So beautiful! But, since I am in Michigan we will go to an area park tonight!

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