Thursday, May 8, 2014

Special Birthday Give-Away - One Lost Sheep

The Bible is filled with true adventures which we love to tell to our children: such as when David fought the giant Goliath or when Daniel spent the night with the lions! These "classic" accounts are staples in our Sunday school curriculum and fill the shelves in our church libraries, so typically, when I see a new storybook about one of these Bible adventures, I am hesitant to review them. However; I was recently sent two new books from Zonderkidz and Rhonda Gowler Greene which present two classic Bible adventures in such a delightful way, I decided to share them with you!

One Lost Sheep
Noah and the Mighty Ark
Author - Rhonda Gowler Greene
Illustrator - Margaret Spengler
Publisher - Zonderkidz
Ages - 4-7

Favorite Features -
  • Colorful illustrations with color and fun - have children identify animals in Noah and find the baby lamb in the Lost Sheep
  • Retells these classic Bible adventures - I really like the way it is all connected on the last page of One Lost Sheep
  • Each book begins with a Bible verse and gives a reference for the Bible adventure
Zonderkidz says, "Who would have thought one cute little sheep could be so much trouble? And how do you keep an ark full of animals comfortable and happy? Bestselling author Rhonda Gowler Greene takes readers along on two new colorful adventures into favorite scripture stories with One Lost Sheep and Noah and the Mighty Ark. In One Lost Sheep, children will delight in this fun and engaging tale as they learn God, like the faithful shepherd, will never let them stray. In Noah and the Mighty Ark, children will love hearing how Noah comforts all the animals on their journey. And parents will easily get into the rhyme and rhythm of this delightfully told Bible story."

I especially liked how One Lost Sheep ends; "Like that shepherd, God above keeps us in His boundless love. The Lord God is our Shepherd, too, watching over . . . me and you." I loved the way the shepherd looked for the lost lamb, children will enjoy having a part in telling the story by being asked things like, did the shepherd find the lamb behind the tree? I would have liked to see Noah and the Mighty Ark tie it all together on the last page like One Lost Sheep did, but children will have fun identifying the animals, making animal sounds and showing you how the animals move!

I'm very happy to say, not only did Zonderkidz send me these books to review, but they
are making another One Lost Sheep available for me to give away (USA only)! If you are over the age of 18 and would like to be included in the drawing for One Lost Sheep  - which will be on May 16, 2014, please comment below to let me know about a time when you were lost; I typically have been able to know where I am - or at least keep track of how I got where I am, so I have not actually been lost very often. However; a few years ago I was in South Carolina to teach a workshop and could not find the street in my directions to the church where I was speaking. As I drove I finally saw a sign which told me I was almost to North Carolina . . . clearly I was lost!!! I turned around and drove back the way I came and eventually found the street . . . on the side I originally came from the street had a different name than the one I was looking for, and the name which was on the other side of the sign!!!!

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(By the way, I'm giving away Noah and the Mighty Ark on my other blog, About the Children's Department!)


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