Saturday, May 3, 2014

There Be Pirates at My House!!!

Yes, apparently it is true; a pirate seem to be burying "treasure" in the sandbox at my house! Josiah and Caleb have been busy digging for treasure in the sand box and lo and behold, they found some!

This "pirate" may, or may not, look a lot like me; well, okay, it is me! I thought it would be lots of fun to bury "treasure" in the sand box - things like bottles of bubbles, plastic cars to play with in the sand box and anything else I can find which the boys would enjoy digging up. 

When they are at my house, they can check to see if the "pirate" has been back to bury more treasure. Sometimes there is treasure to be found; other times there isn't . . . after all, you never can tell when a pirate might stop by!

I want my grandsons to have a great time when they are at my house; I want them to remember their time at my house with a smile on their faces! When they are grown, I think it will be great fun for them to remember digging for pirate "treasure" at their grandma's and poppa's house!

So, throughout the summer I'll bury "treasure" for the boys to dig up! They will have fun . . . and so will "pirate" grandma!!!

Do "pirates" ever visit your house?

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