Friday, May 16, 2014

What are Your Summer "Grandma" Plans?

Summer is just around the corner and with Josiah on Summer Vacation from school, I'm
planning some "summer fun" for when the boys are at my house. I have a few plans figured out . . . for example, I'm quite certain the local "pirate" will be visiting throughout the summer to bury "treasure" in the sandbox for the boys to dig up! (So far this has been a LOT of fun!!!)

My church has it's CSI (Creative Science Investigators) planned for June 10 - 12 and both boys will be going to this with me . . . this year they will be learning about plants, electricity and birds of prey (the zoo will bring birds on bird day, so this will be lots of fun!!!)

I do plan to bury "dinosaur bones" in the sand box for the boys to discover and dig up and if it ever warms up enough, we will open the pool and spend time swimming! I also want to find a couple service projects which the boys can do with me and their Poppa.

Last summer we had "four days of fun" and I expect we will do something along this line again and have the boys over for several days in a row. When we do this, we will have science experiments, make t-shirts and maybe try glow-in-the-dark bubbles and lawn bowling!

Beyond this, I'm still looking for some fun ideas as summertime is such a great time to build memories and spend time with my sweet grandsons! So . . . what are your summertime plans for your grandchildren?

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