Saturday, June 7, 2014

crafting with grandma - Special Photo for Dad!

Father's Day is just a week away, so if you are looking for a great craft idea which you can do with your grandchildren for their dad, check this idea I found on Pinterest!

You'll find the idea for this photo at the following link, but all you need to get a photo like this with your grandchildren, is their feet, a permanent ink marker or paint and a camera . . . plus a fair amount of patience!!! Write on your grandchildren's feet, "We <3 Dad" and have them sit with the bottoms of their feet in front of them. Now fr the tricky part! Try to get them all to look at you and smile at the same time! Take the photo and then . . . 
  • Frame it!
  • Put it on a shirt!
  • Have it printed on a mug
  • Or whatever you want to do with it!
I love this idea . . . now if I can just get the boys to sit still, look at me at the same time and all smile!!!

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