Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Five Days until Children's Day . . . Plans are Being Made!!!

There are only five days until Children's Day (the second Sunday of June) and around my
house, plans are being made! Our menu will be, "interesting" . . . bacon and steak with cake and rootbeer floats for dessert. While I do not doubt the boys - and their dad - will enjoy the bacon and steak, this menu does need a bit of "filling out"! Apparently we are having "double desserts" for Children's Day; which may be appropriate on a day to celebrate children! (We will be substituting Cream Soda for the Root Beer to avoid food dyes).

As for activities to celebrate Children's Day . . . well, Josiah has given this some thought as well! Apparently we will be playing board games . . . possibly some fun outside games which are likely to involve water guns!

And of course, there will be presents! What self-respecting nearly three year old and five year old would not suggest presents on Children's Day??!!!! Josiah said since moms get presents on Mother's Day and dads get them on Father's Day, children should get presents on Children's Day!

We will be having fun . . . and the boys will be getting hugs and kisses from this grandma as well, because while it may be Children's Day, it is really a day to celebrate three of the best gifts this grandma has ever received . . . Josiah, Caleb and Shane, so it is really "Grandma's Day" and fun will definitely be had!

What will you do to celebrate Children's Day?

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