Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Refuge in the Storm!

Last night, and so far this morning, it has been raining . . . and RAINING! And, the thunder,
well . . . there were two times in the night when it was so loud I nearly jumped out of bed! Josiah and Caleb were spending the night and I was sure the loud storm would wake them up, but they slept right through it!

This reminded me of Psalm 57:1; "Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me, for in you my soul takes refuge; ithe shadow of your wings I will take refuge, till the storms of destruction pass by." My grandsons were completely at peace throughout the storm; even if I wondered if my gigantic maple tree was going to end up on my roof!

While I was surprised and happy my grandsons were able to sleep through the storm, I especially want them to grow up knowing how they can find refuge in God for whatever they face in life; because I know they will face "storms" in life. I talked about this with Josiah and he said it made him happy to know when he faces "storms" in life, he can find shelter in God!

On grandma's cookie jar I have fun writing about being a grandma, the cute and funny things my grandsons say and do, sharing recipes and crafts and letting you know about give-aways, but these things are just the "fluff" of being a grandma. What really matters is passing on a heritage of faith. It is my prayer as my grandsons go through life, they will turn to God for refuge. I want them to know God's mercy for themselves and to trust Him. I want them to know no matter what they face, God and His mercy is not only available to them, but is enough to give them what they need! It is nice when they can find peace in a thunder storm; it is essential for them to find peace in life and the only place they can do this is in the shelter of God's wings!

So, today I'd like to encourage you to take extra time to pray for your grandchildren, share with them how God is your Refuge and help them learn to turn to God for the peace and refuge they need in life! (And, if you have not yet experienced God's amazing mercy and know Him as your refuge and shelter, email me -, and I'd be honored to let you know how you can know Him!)

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