Saturday, June 14, 2014

What Truly Matters!

It is very easy in this day and age for us to become very focused upon ourselves; what we want, our time, ourselves, etc. But, if ever there were a time when we need to be focused upon others, I believe it is now; when we are grandparents. (I believe what I'm saying applies to parents as well.)

When my son and daughter need someone to take the boys, I am very happy to be that, "someone". I have five main reasons for this . . . 
  1. I love spending time with my grandsons! 
  2. I want to support my son and daughter-in-law . . . it can be tough and tiring to be parents . . . especially to three, young active boys! 
  3. I want my grandsons to know how very much I love them! 
  4. I want to know the boys and I want them to know me. 
  5. I want the boys to want to spend time with me because as they grew up, they were able to see, hear and experience how I wanted to spend time with them!
There truly are things which do matter in this life and these "things" are not making more money, having a big, new house, driving the newest and coolest car or having any "things". Relationships are what really matter and relationships with family matter the most. And honestly, is there really any "thing" which is more important than helping my son and daughter-in-law and spending time with my grandsons?

So, I am more than happy to spend time with my grandsons because they truly will grow up so very fast. This is what we all learned as parents; it may seem like it takes a long time for the children to grow up, but looking back we are able to see how the time actually flew by. I choose to value what is truly important; time with my family; please choose to value time with your family, too!

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