Friday, July 25, 2014

Birthdays and Children's Museums!

In my family the months of July, August and September mean we will be
having cake and celebrating sweet boys as my grandsons have their birthdays in these months. Since the three boys have birthdays so close to each other, their Poppa and I have been giving them a membership to our local Children's Museum as their birthday present. When you divide the cost three ways, you end up with an amount which is reasonable to spend on a boy for his birthday . . . I do give them a couple small items as well because they have to open something for their birthday from Poppa and grandma! So, today I thought I'd write about children's museums because if you have a local one, memberships make great gifts for grandchildren!

When you think about museums, you likely think about places where you go to see things, but where you are not allowed to "touch" those things. This is just the way it is with museums . . . unless you are talking about children's museums! While you certainly go to children's museums to see things, you are allowed to - and even encouraged to, touch, play with, explore, and enjoy the things you find at a children's museum! Talk about fun!!!!

So, what are just some of the things you might find at a children's museum? Look at the following . . . 
  • Bubble Rooms! What child wouldn't absolutely LOVE the opportunity to stand INSIDE a giant bubble?!!!! I know a lot of adults who would LOVE this, too!
  • Rocket Rooms! Learn about and build rockets! You don't have to be a "rocket scientist" to enjoy learning about and flying rockets!
  • Recycled Fairy-tales! Everyone loves a good story now and then!
  • Inventions - learn about inventions and create your own inventions! Everything was a "new" invention at one time . . . learn about inventions and try creating your own "new" invention!
  • Space and Science projects to actually do with your own hands! Stars, planets and science projects . . . sounds like a lot of fun!  
  • Backyard exploration - because sometimes you'll find amazing and unexpected things right outside your back door!
  • Machines - you don't have to drive or work big machines to find them interesting! Try building a few of your own machines, too!
  • Farms and animals! Learn about animals, care for some and take a look at things which grow on farms . . . some of which are very tasty!
And so much more! Not all children's museums have these exhibits, some have other exhibits, but they all have places where children are able to learn by touching, experiencing, and by doing! They are places where there is talking, moving, discovering, and lots of laughing! What isn't there to love about children's museums?!!!

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