Thursday, July 24, 2014

crafting with grandma - Spray Paint T-Shirts!

Our 2014 Five-Days-of-Fun are over . . . and we did most certainly have five days of fun! One of the things we did was paint t-shirts with spray paint! This was so much fun! I bought plain, white t-shirts in packs of five and Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint t-shirt spray paint. I put each shirt on a hanger and then hung them on our playground so the boys could spray paint them outside!

The end result was colorful, fun shirts with a unique look! And of course, lots of fun was had! So, if you are looking for something fun you can have your grandchildren do, or want to make a unique t-shirt for a family event, consider Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint. I have to say, it is much less expensive on-line (just follow the link above for almost half off what I paid at the local craft store for the paint!).

Have fun and if you and your grandchildren spray paint t-shirts, please share a picture of all your fun! Enjoy!

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