Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day Five of our Five Days of Fun!

Today is the last day of our, Five Days of Fun! We have had a lot of fun, but it was also
a busier five days for sure! Josiah also had VBS at his church, so we worked our schedule around his!

Monday the boys "spray-painted" t-shirts (this was a LOT of fun and the shirts are unique!) I'll post photos of them tomorrow.

Yesterday the boys played in water - they hung a sprinkler from the top of the playground and had great fun running and standing in the water! They also tried breaking water-balloons which we hung from the playground - like a pinata! This was a LOT of fun and something we will repeat today!

We played games, watched movies and just hung out! Mostly we had a lot of fun being together! I LOVE our, Five Days of Fun . . . whether we do a lot, or not because the fun is from spending time together!

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