Saturday, July 19, 2014

grandma's chuckles - "A grandma's Lap is a Place for a Boy!" (re-run)

Grandmother reading a book to her grandson
I initially wrote this about a year ago, but it is a great reminder, so I'm going to share it with you again today!

This grandma's heart is overflowing with joy! God is SO Good! Yesterday, when my grandsons were here, I was working on getting my posts up on my two blogs. Josiah walked over to me and said, "A grandma's lap is not a place for a computer . . . it is a place for a boy!" I smiled, set my computer aside and told him I completely agreed with him! He smiled and climbed into my lap and we had a wonderful time of snuggling!

A grandma's lap absolutely is a place for boys! I'm reading a book - which I'll review in a few days - where the author talks about how important it is when children are between the ages of two and five for them to receive our attention. This author says it matters if we stop what we are doing and look them in the eyes when they talk to us because this helps them grow up feeling secure so they can become confident people. I agree.

Far too often adults have their noses in computers, smart phones, tablets or whatever else they are doing and children are not even acknowledged. While we do not want children to think the world revolves around them, they need to know they do really matter to the adults in their lives.

Children are little for such a short time. As grandma's we know this. I remember how fast my two children grew up. I absolutely want my grandsons to grow up knowing their grandma chose to listen to them. And . . . I always made my lap available for them because, after all, a grandma's lap is a place for a boy! :-)

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