Tuesday, July 8, 2014

grandma's chuckles - "I Did NOT Punch Him!"

The other day Josiah and Caleb were at my house and as surprising and "shocking" as it may sound, Caleb, who is almost three, was deliberately annoying his big brother! Josiah had reached the limit of his tolerance of being annoyed by his younger brother . . . and it does not take long to reach this "limit", when he started to punch his brother. 

As I sat up to remind Josiah if he punched his brother he would have a time-out, Josiah stopped himself - literally about an inch from making contact! He looked at me and said, "I did NOT punch him! I did NOT punch him!" I smiled and told him I was very proud of him for showing self-control and for making a wise choice!

I am really happy to see Josiah learning to show some self-control in regards to his little brother . . . now, if I can just get Caleb to reign in his annoying of his big brother!!! I guess it is all part of growing up! I do hope these boys will grow up to be not only brothers, but good friends as well!

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