Saturday, July 26, 2014

grandma's chuckles - "Run!!! Run!!! Run!!!"

Last night two sweet boys were at my house for a sleep-over. Before bed we thought it would be fun to watch, UP; which we have not watched for some time. Apparently long enough for Caleb to basically not remember any of it! (He is just three years old)

As the movie got to the part where Carl and Russell are being chased by Charles Muntz (the bad guy) and the talking dogs, Caleb jumped up and told Carl and Russell to, "Run!!! Run!!! Run!!!" and told the bad guy, "No!!! Stop!!! NO!!!" Now, this may not sound very funny, but when he was saying these things it was very funny because he was sincerely concerned about Carl and Russell and extremely unhappy with Charles!

I love being able to watch as these boys experience new things - or things they do not remember! Their reactions are truly, priceless!

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